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An unusual club

This week I received a letter from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care,  with 'Important advice for you about new guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable people ' (my italics).  My initial reaction was 'Thanks Matt, I didn't need you to rub it it in!' Because of the treatment I'm receiving I am in this category and apart from a daily walk, weather permitting, my only outing is a visit to the hospital each Friday for some additional treatments.  Strangely, this is something I look forward to, mostly.  I enjoy the short drive along the beautiful tree-lined grid roads of Milton Keynes - knock Milton Keynes at your peril!  And then there is the experience itself, seeing some familiar faces above masks, and meeting new half-faces. This week it was so good to see Adrian, whom I missed last week because he'd been admitted to a ward because of an infection.  And then I met Lucy and Stefan.  Lucy was sharing a very positive experience of

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