Saturday, 16 February 2008

A day which exceeded high expectations

I had a brilliant day in London this week. I went to the launch of the Bible Society’s new resource, 'Using the Bible in Christian Ministry'. I was impressed by the material, met some excellent people, enjoyed a good lunch, and heard a predictably splendid address by Bishop Tom Wright, which was far-reaching, penetrating in depth, and took less than twenty minutes!

But this wasn’t the only highlight. I used the opportunity to take in some art. So as soon as I arrived in London, pre-Tom Wright, I headed for the Tate Modern, primarily to see 'Shibboleth', the crack in the ground. I have to say that I was really looking forward to this but was somewhat underwhelmed and a tad disappointed. However, courtesy of a friend’s membership we went into the Juan Muñoz retrospective exhibition. This was my first encounter with this sculptor which was intriguing and engaging. Additionally I managed to sneak a few minutes in the Rothko Room as well as take a leisurely look at Matisse’s snail - I bought the print recently.
But this wasn’t the only other highlight. Post-Tom Wright, and well fed, we headed for the Royal Academy. Hearing that there were queues for the 'From Russia' exhibition, I decided that now was the moment to grasp the nettle and become a Friend, and so three minutes later, we walked straight in. The exhibition is fascinating with four clear sections, but the greatest wonder is undoubtedly Matisse’s 'The Dance'. I was so looking forward to seeing this and wasn't disappointed, but I was startled at the force of impact that it had on me, and so at the end of the visit we just had to go back and look again. I want to reflect on the Matisse again in due course but for now suffice to say it was gob-smacking!
My friend, with whom it's great fun to look at art – it’s like standing next to an audio art encyclopaedia – took us, en route to the station, by some private art galleries which were the icing on the cake. And the cherry on the icing on the cake was going to a shirt-maker on Jermyn Street and buying a fantastically expensive shirt that was reduced to £25!


Jon said...

Sounds like a lovely day, we should go to London again sometime, and you can buy me a fantastically expensive shirt for £25 or we can go and buy me some fantastically expensive musical instruments on Denmark Street :D

I am looking forward to lots more blogs, they keep me suitably entertained during the quieter moments of my day.

Bob said...

Geoff - intrigued that you found 'Shibboleth' less inspiring than you had expected; the reverse of my experience, which is that I had expected little, but found it worthwhile. Anyway, good to read your blog - drop in on mine sometime as I blog my way through my Sabbatical (

Geoff Colmer said...

Good to hear from you Bob. Hope the sabbatical goes well.