Saturday, 8 March 2008

Canterbury and York on Blog-world

Interesting and wise responses - would you expect anything else? - from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York when Maggie asked them about blog-world.

Archbishop of Canterbury, 'perhaps the more worrying issue is that it can in some ways encourage unreflective expression – it’s possible simply to think it, and say it, without any thought. When that happens in personal conversation, there is a humanising effect. But on the screen, it’s less human.'

Archbishop of York, 'when people write without thinking, it can get very difficult; it can be offensive and troublesome. The best of what’s there on the blogs is from those who take a little time to reflect before they publish.' He went on to say, 'But there is no choice about whether we engage with this new media. It’s the world we are in – the Church has to engage with it!'

I have to say that in my experience I’ve only been drawn to those who say it with thought, reflectively, rather than those who don’t! Thank you to those who have given me regular nourishment in what they say.

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