Friday, 7 March 2008

Itzhak Perlman: Lessons from a maestro

Just read this inspiring article on Itzhak Perlman in The Independent. This is a human being who has a massive love of life. There are a number of gems but I particularly like this one:

'Making music is a bit like cooking. If you follow a recipe for a certain cake, it will, if the ingredients and the oven temperature are correct, turn out more or less the same each time you do it. So maybe one day you put in a few almonds or a squeeze of lemon, perhaps you do something else a bit different – imperceptible changes that can make a great cake into an amazing cake. In music, you don't always follow the same recipe. It depends how you feel in the moment – you might want to make a tiny right turn instead of a left. Surprising things can happen if you don't always pick the same direction.'
The YouTube link isn't available any longer, so try here and enjoy, as Itzhak so obviously does!

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