Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lambeth Conference - Indaba Group, Mother Teresa stories, and a ‘thought for the day’

On Tuesday the Bible Study and Indaba Group were good occasions, but it is becoming apparent that already the Indaba Group isn’t doing what it's meant to do, and there were many voices of concern that it feels process-driven without the time to do what Indaba is meant to do. One Indian bishop spoke about using the concept but not the methodology, and that if it isn’t going to be genuine Indaba then it needs to be called something else. This being said, the facilitator is doing an excellent job and is committed to making it work as it’s meant to. Watch this space.

A nice touch - in the Bible Study, with four Indian bishops we got into Mother Teresa stories which came from first hand experience and were moving.

And a ‘thought for the day’, emerging from talk about church decline and the pressure to be successful, ‘In the book of Revelation, the crown doesn’t go to the successful but the faithful.’

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