Lambeth Conference - People and Quotes

I’ve met some wonderful people, and some from unlikely places - in particular, the Bishop of the Arctic and also the Bishop of Narajevo, the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop. I’ve met bishops from Sudan and other parts of Africa where there is enormous suffering. I feel I’ve got to know bishops from India, especially my Host Bishop Pradip Kamble. And in addition to the bishops I already know from the UK I’ve met some others with whom I’ve enjoyed fellowship – thank you Paul and James especially.

Life is full of surprises – yesterday evening I bumped into Sally who was one of the first people I met when I first went to Moortown Baptist Church in Leeds, when my Christian faith was being reawakened. Sally works in Geneva with the UN on their Aids programme and was speaking as part of the self-select programme. She and her husband Ian are terrific people.

Lots of memorable quotes – but just two to share and both from Archbishop Rowan:
the key task of the bishop is to be a linguist, learning the language of God;
and, God always creates a new situation when we listen and pray.
He’s got quite a job on his hands, but I have to say, I think he's a great guy!

Over another week to go, but after ‘The London Day’ that’s it for me.


Catriona said…
Thank you for these insights into the Lambeth conference - it is so good to hear positives rather than media-frenzy negatives. Glad it has been positive for you, too.
r.a.j.e. said…
keep going Geoff
Hello Geoff, I really appreciate your eyewitness account of Lambeth! The coverage in the newspapers has been so negative. I was delighted to hear that the bishops were going on their march for the Millennium Development Goals -- if only they could have received the media support they deserved! Grateful for the chance to experience some of the spiritual vitality through your experience. Blessings, Roberta R.
Tyburn said…
I'm Very pleased you had a good time at Lambeth. I can't say that I'm altogether happy with Williams at the moment, his talk of dividing up English law to allow any legal and national precedence for Sharia is something I wish he'd never bothered saying...particularly as since his mention on that one of the highest Judges in England has aggreed with him.

The major problem with the Anglican Chuch is that it encorperates such a vast number of DIFFERENT strains of Christian Belief. The differences within the Communion are as wide as Eccumenical differences...the obvious High Church Conservative Anglo Catholicism, verses the Low Church Liberal Evangelicals actually have fundemental differences in their theological approaches. To keep the communion together bearing this in mind, its very evident the hard work and depth needed for it to function well

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