Lambeth Conference - Morning and Evening Worship

I’m really enjoying the worship. A special publication has been produced with the predictable title, Lambeth Praise. It consists of music from different provinces and some of the newer music. It’s a delight to sing many of the songs from around the world, and if there’s one feature that stands out it’s that it is all sing-able, which isn’t always the case with contemporary worship songs. I’m also enjoying a sound which contrasts with the assertive soft-rock style of much contemporary worship – no drums except for African drums, a guitar with a classical feel, flute, recorders and voices in four-part harmony and a piano. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is mine and so like a good cup of tea it’s refreshing. The other feature which is marked is that even with the shorter songs I’m left wanting more, rather than feeling that the song has been done to death.

A surprising and pleasant point of connection for me is Geraldine Latty who has been a prominent presence in our own Baptist Assemblies and a familiar and friendly face.

Each day after Evening Prayer there’s a corporate rehearsal to learn some new material for use the next day which with a global constituency is not only a good idea but a necessary one.


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