Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Diabelli Variations, and Martin Taylor & Alison Burns

In company with many people, September and October is a crazy time for me, as things kick in with a vengeance after a more sedate August.  However, over the last few days there have been two sources of musical refreshment.  The first appeared far from promising as it arrived in a package which most definitely smacked of work.  It proved to be a case of prudent recycling, as inside was a gift of the Beethoven Diabelli Variations.  I didn't know this work but a friend had been singing its praises and generously sent me a copy.  The pianist is Stephen Kovacevich who gives a riveting performance and as I'm getting acquainted with the 33 variations through repeated playings as I drive around, I'm enjoying some great music played superbly.

By contrast, on Tuesday we went to The Stables to hear Martin Taylor and Alison Burns.  We feel a bit like Martin Taylor groupies, as this must be the fourth time we've heard this great jazz guitarist.  He is another superb musician, of a different genre, with a passion for 'tunes', which he performs with enormous creativity and dexterity while never obscuring the essence.  This is the second time we've heard him in an accompanying role with Alison Burns, the singer, who also happens to be his daughter-in-law.  She has a terrific voice, and her performance of Stevie Wonder's 'If it's magic' was probably the high point in what was a very entertaining evening.

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Tyburn said...

LOL, I do that aswell when trying to learn music, play it over and over and over again. It is the best way :)