Sunday, 28 September 2008

Peter Grange

Peter Grange, dear friend and colleague, died yesterday at 6.25 p.m. Peter was my Regional Minister before we became regional minister colleagues.  His warmth, wisdom, inquisitive and amazingly informed mind, buoyant faith, determination and sense of humour were an inspiration.  

There was a season in my life when I thought seriously about leaving ministry in the local church, and Peter's response was typical, 'I think I ought to come over and have a chat' (spoken in his soft, still evident Yorkshire brogue).  His gift on this occasion, as always, though it included wise counsel, was a remarkably peaceful, non-anxious, presence.  I stayed.  As a regional minister colleague, his advice and friendship have been immense.  

I will miss him and our chats.  Rest in peace, Peter.  And for Janet and the family, our prayers are with you in your loss.


karen dunford said...

Peter was minister at Union Baptist High Wycombe for 10 years, and as well as pastor was a very good friend.we grieve with Janet & the girls, and assure them of our prayers.
Karen Dunford

Catriona said...

Details for Peter's funeral are now on Bob Almond's blog

Tyburn said...

Requiem Aeterna Dona Eis Domine, Et Lux Pepetua Luceit Eis. :(