Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Luton Airport with sector ministers

I spent the day at Luton Airport, not plane spotting, but as part of an event that we put on for sector ministers.  The aim was to gather together to listen to stories about chaplaincy and to share insights and good practice; to hear about the particular work of airport chaplaincy and have a look around the airport; and to think about how we might develop this group.

We had full-time chaplains, part-time chaplains, ordained and lay, serving in education, health and industry, together with some members from the CBA Council who simply wanted to support the day and find out more. It resulted in some stimulating discussion covering a number of important issues, and speaking for myself, my understanding of this expression of ministry was expanded.

I jotted down some notes and picked up a couple of great quotes. 'I've come to see that the local church is genetically inward looking' said with slight exasperation. And more hopefully, 'In God's kingdom every contact leaves a trace.'

I'm full of admiration for these people who bring a range of gifts and skills to situations quite separate from the church. They have much to teach us in terms of incarnational ministry, simply being a Christian presence, although of course it's never that simple. 

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