Monday, 20 October 2008

Shenley Christian Fellowship, Intelligent Design and Wayne Rooney

On Sundays I can drive long distances to preach.  Yesterday it was just one mile to our nearest Baptist church, Shenley Christian Fellowship.  When we moved to Milton Keynes, Shenley CF wasn't part of the CBA or BUGB.  It is now, and on the two occasions I've been I've been impressed by the warmth and vitality of this congregation.  Chris Doig is one of our Baptist ministers and is doing a great job.

I spoke on discipleship, but early on in the service, for about ten minutes sitting in easy chairs, I was interviewed by Tim Cutting, with prepared questions from the audience.  This was a fun experience, as I had some idea about the questions but knew that there was at least one surprise.

This came from one of the young people, 'There's been a lot of discussion about creation and evolution, and particularly 'intelligent design'.  How can I explain to my school friend a biblical approach to creation, taking into account my Calvinistic, pre-millennialism, and second blessing position - with particular reference to Wayne Rooney and the missing link.'  They have a sense of humour as well!

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