Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oil paintings and Stravinsky - every one of

I've just read in the Guardian the excellent news that 'the BBC is to put every one of the 200,000 oil paintings in public ownership in the UK on the internet as well as opening up the Arts Council's vast film archive online as part of a range of initiatives that it has pledged will give it a "deeper commitment to arts and music".'  

And equally good news, you can buy the Works of Igor Stravinsky, 22 CD's, for £17.99 at Amazon.  A reviewer provides some useful information:
'What you get are 22 CD's made up of all the stereo recordings made for Columbia by the composer himself; a few works directed by Robert Craft with Stravinsky in the studio; and a handful of vintage recordings of works not remade in stereo by the composer. These interpretations are of immense historical importance but, also, very fine performances in their own right. The sound is first class; the remastering also.'  Not surprisingly the reviewer gives 5 stars, as do the other 9 reviewers.

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