Tuesday, 13 January 2009

'When Christians Disagree'

Monday evening saw the launch of 'When Christians Disagree'. We're providing this event in five locations throughout the Central Baptist Association, and last night we were in Buckinghamshire, at Broadway Baptist Church, Chesham. For a first night, I wondered how the material would work, and it was ok, if a bit longer than I intended. We had a good turnout, and people interacted well with the content. 

During the course of the evening we look at the nature of conflict - it's not all bad! - and after some biblical reflection, we explore how we might better manage our differences. This is an enormous issue in that it's very complex, but also because it affects all of our churches, and some destructively. The limitation is that over the course of an evening we only really touch the surface. However, I believe it's well worth doing, and my hope is that people will go away having gained fresh insight and maybe even a few skills that might help in their own situations. 

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