Sunday, 7 June 2009

CBA Assembly

We had a good assembly yesterday with about 180 people attending. Colin Pye led worship using familiar contemporary songs and some new reflections that he had created. If Colin is leading I have a heightened expectation that there will be something fresh and imaginative that will help me to become aware of God's presence. It happened and still managed to take me by surprise!

The other highlight, among lots of good things, was David Shosanya, Regional Minister in the London Baptist Association, who spoke with passion about 'God's heart for people and places'. He employed humour and some moving personal stories, encouraging us to engage with our communities with particularity, presence and passion. Although it sounds like a predictable three point alliterated sermon, it was anything but. David is an excellent speaker who manages to communicate deep understanding with a lightness of touch.

Yesterday was also the day when we launched our Association Strategy, which has the strap-line, 'Walking Together in Ministry and Mission'. I feel some excitement about this work in progress and look forward to its impact upon our life together.


Nigel Coles said...

sounds good

Catriona said...

Sounds like a good event.

I like the slogan too - good plagiarism of NBC's methinks! :-)

Geoff Colmer said...

Hi Catriona! I assume you mean Northern Baptist College, but can't find any reference to it on their web site. Honest! It goes to show that our strap-lines/mission statements are all variations on a theme!