Tuesday, 19 January 2010

'Making the Most of the Church Meeting'

Monday was the first night of an event that we're putting on in five locations around the Central Baptist Association, 'Making the Most of the Church Meeting'. And it was an encouraging beginning with over 70 people attending. In previous years we've taken as themes, 'When Christians Disagree', 'Fit4Life' with an introduction to effective communication, and 'Help! I'm a Deacon'. All of these have been well received.

The Church Meeting in our Baptist churces often gets a bad press, and for good reason! But it really can be a high point in the church's life. So, what makes for a great church meeting? And when it isn't so great, what happened? And how can we make all our church meetings work better for us? These are the questions that we looked at on Monday evening and we'll stay with over the next few weeks.

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Glen Marshall said...

Sounds like a well worth while course. Hope it goes well.