Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lectio Divina

Last week, meeting with a group of newly accredited ministers, Mary spoke to us about Lectio Divina. It was a stimulating session, which culminated in an experience of:

  • reading receptively
  • meditating reflectively
  • prayerfully responding
  • contemplatively resting
I loved the quote with which she began:
'We read under the eye of God until the heart is touched and leaps to flame'.  (Abbot Marmion, Sixth Century Benedictine)

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Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Sunds like a really helpful session. I'm fascinated by the way reading was a much more active and communal thing for early Christians, before printing.

I've found Eugene Peterson's "Eat this Book" a great resource to refresh my view of Lectio...