Wednesday, 23 June 2010

'Cross Purposes'

I've just read about a fascinating exhibition just opened in London, 'Cross purposes - Shock and Contemplation in Images of the Crucifixion'. What's staggering is that it is at the Ben Uri Gallery, the London Jewish Museum of Art. Norman Lebrecht writes, that it's 'drawn torrents of abuse from Jewish supporters of the museum, who argue (rightly) that the crucifixion image has been the incitement for 2,000 years of Christian persecution of Jews. The gallery counters that the man on the cross was Jewish; it's time to reclaim that heritage and discuss the terrible act from the victim's viewpoint'. It certainly sounds like it's worth a visit.


Teresa said...

Do go and see it, I was at the packed private view last night and it is a marvellous exhibition with a fantastic life-size work by Graham Sutherland. Other artists range from Chagall to Tracey Emin! Some of the works were very moving, although I'm a lapsed RC and not religious. I like Maggie Hambling's quote beside her picture, that she is an optimistic doubter.

Geoff Colmer said...

Thanks Teresa - I really will try to get there.