Monday, 14 June 2010

Maggi Dawn, The Writing on the Wall

I've just received Maggi's new book, ahead of the publishing date! It's called The Writing on the Wall. It 'provides a fascinating introduction to the Bible's best-known stories ... then shows how it has become enmeshed in Western culture ... and how the Bible has influenced everyone that matters - from Shakespeare to Ian McEwan, and the Beatles to Monty Python.

Maggi is a creative thinker and stimulating communicator and this promises to be a great read. If you haven't visited her blog, go here.

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Andy Goodliff said...

Geoff would you write a review of this for Regent's Reviews. Normally i'd get you a copy of the book, but seeing as you already have one. it would be due the end of september and be upto around 500 words