Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wondrous wild flowers on Chaffron Way

Congratulations to Milton Keynes Council and the Parks Trust for another stunning demonstration of its commitment to the natural beauty of our city. On the Furzton section of Chaffron Way are two huge swathes of wild flowers that drench the iris with colour. It is absolutely stunning. As we went closer to take some photographs another couple was there already and shortly after another man arrived.

The woman was overawed by such a profusion of 'my favourite flowers' and wanted to lie down in them. She half expected to see fairies, which says something about the magical quality of the experience.

For the foreseeable future all roads to and from MK will be via Chaffron Way!

1 comment:

Catriona said...

Great photo.
There is a magical/mystical quality about banks of wild flowers isn't there?
One of those moments when you "cannot not believe"...