Saturday, 25 September 2010

European Baptist Federation - Day 4

Today was the last day of the Council, and a half-day only. Morning Worship included a reflection on 1 Samuel 3, God's call to Samuel. Looking back over the last few days, we've been led with huge enthusiasm and creativity, and I've valued in particular the emphasis upon worship songs from around the world which has been refreshing.

The main session included the culmination of the work of the Resolutions Committee which met four times in all. Being part of this committee has helped me to connect with EBF very quickly and I've valued the experience. At the same time I smiled at the prayer of a previous EBF President, 'Lord, let me now have your pity, I'm on the Resolutions Committee'. The two resolutions were carried, so the Council, while conducting a considerable amount of important business, also had something significant to say.

Other aspects of the morning were finance, priorities for the future, and EBF Aid. And we welcomed First Baptist Church, Bahrain.

EBF Council has been a very positive and encouraging first experience of wider Baptist life in Europe. Along the way I've been informed and inspired, deepened some friendships and made some new ones. Next year we meet in Nazareth.

Having been outside the building only to make a phone call home each day, it was wonderful to spend the afternoon and evening in Rome. In the limited time, we visited the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and two of the beautiful fountains. The sun shone a bit and walking around Rome was delightful. Other highpoints were ice cream at Giolitti's, which was exquisite, and a very reasonably priced meal near to Piazza Navona. And the company was really great fun to be with providing a perfect end to a good few days.

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Derrick Hill said...

Thanks for your blogging, Geoff, which gives those of us not familiar with the inner workings of the EBF a helpful insight which will encourage our prayers.