Friday, 10 September 2010

Song of Songs, St Paul's, Saatchi and Settlement Team

The last week has gone up a gear, or several, after a fairly relaxed August. During that time the highlight was a day spent in London which began with a lunchtime Prom at the Cadogan Hall with Stile Antico singing Renaissance settings of the Song of Songs. I'd heard a snippet of their CD and on the strength of it bought the CD only to discover their debut the following Monday as part of the Proms season. It was superb, and as one reviewer expressed it, 'the sensuous vocabulary vibrated with that mellifluous vocal bliss'.

The day also included Evening Prayer at St Paul's Cathedral, as well as very quick visits to the Saatchi Gallery and the Tate. I could live without the former and on this occasion the Tate had loaned its Rothkos to another museum so was a tad disappointing. Two other features were coffee on the veranda of the eighth floor of the OXO Tower overlooking the Thames, and a brisk walk following Evening Prayer to see the Gherkin, which was sensational close up and in the late afternoon sun. All in all, a pretty brilliant day.

This last week, solidly work, included meeting with the Principals of the Baptist Colleges, and the tutors. This is an annual event which happens concurrently with our September National Settlement Team and Team Leaders' Meeting. As part of this it's very good to meet up with friends, and especially blogging friends. I particularly enjoyed conversations with Nah Then and Living Wittily. I'm struck again by that unexpected sense of community that blogging has brought to my life.

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jim Gordon said...

Living Wittily also enjoyed talking to Wonder and Wondering and Nah Then! you're right geoff, not only community but the sharing of interests and the stimulus to look again, look differently, listen carefully and therefore think within enlarged horizons.