Monday, 7 February 2011

Big Society, Big Mission

This is the title we've given to this year's CBA roadshow, created by my colleague Helen Wordsworth, and delivered by the two of us. So far we've been to Chesham and Luton. Monday is in Northampton, and Thursday, Milton Keynes. The final presentation is at Kings Langley next Wednesday.

It's a great engagement with the theme, exploring how we both serve our communities and make disciples. Although it will be interesting to experience the response this week, reading the main news story on today's BBC News website, Cuts 'are destroying big society'. It goes on to say that the government are 'destroying' the UK's volunteer army and undermining its 'big society' vision with its cuts programme, according to a voluntary sector expert.

In the opening section I've been given the task of adopting a somewhat cynical view of what the government is up to in its Big Society agenda, to which Helen responds more positively. I have the easier task and must try not to overplay it, especially this week.

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do check out luke bretherton's articles. I think he is the most thoughtful theologian we have in this area: