Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Welcome to A View from St Albans

Simon Carver, from Dagnall Street Baptist Church, St Albans, has started a blog. Emily Dickinson begins one of her poems, 'Tell the truth but tell it slant', and Simon has that gift of coming at things so that you catch glimpses of truth that otherwise you might have missed. He was one of the speakers at a CBA Ministers'Conference a few years back, and the title of his session was, 'Zombies, Johnny Cash and Eschatology: a clash of cultures or an opportunity for mission'. I guess I hadn't expected to be watching the opening sequence of Dawn of the Dead in such a context, but it was typical Simon, creative, provocative, stimulating and entertaining. You can hear Simon regularly on Premier Radio and local radio if you live in St Albans, reviewing films. I'm looking forward to his posts. He can be found here.

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Simon Carver said...

Geoff Colmer - What a kind man!