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Advent and Creativity


Reflections on Time and Music

Welcome to Rev Jeannie's Poetry Blog

CBA Ministers' Conference

CBA Ministers' Conference

First Baptist Order Convocation

Mobile phones going off in concerts

EBF Council - Day Four

EBF Council - Day Three

EBF Council - Day Two

EBF Council - Day One

European Baptist Federation in Israel


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Peacemaking - ten practices and ten principles

The riots - 'profound theology and sharp social commentary'

oops! - Chailly and Pires

Holiday in Southern Italy with Tony Blair

Wonderful Wedding

Bloodthirsty Women and the CBA Assembly

David Mason and Penny Lane

Die Schöne Müllerin

Musical Time and the Age to Come

Crammed with Heaven - new blog

Baptist Assembly - really good and really sad

Archbishop of Canterbury - Narnia - Holy Week Lectures

Of Gods and Men

God and the Arts and Media - Where Faith and Life Meet

God and the Arts and Media

A week of variety

Welcome to A View from St Albans

Play it again, and again, and again

Big Society, Big Mission

Being Human

An Altar in the World

Modern British Sculpture

All You Have to Do is Listen

The King's Speech